Why do we have Social Security Numbers?

A Social Security Number (SSN) was initially created to track tax filings of every individual easily for the government to track who is paying, owes, hasn’t filed, or who deserves a refund, but now our numbers are attached to every legal paper we file or apply for.Do you want to learn more? Visit social security office location

A Social Security Number search is run by credit companies for loans and credit cards, buying homes and cars, and by employers looking up past employment history and criminal record. A SSN search reveals our medical history, credit report, transcripts, and criminal past of arrests and lawsuits.

Every credit card we apply for is subject to a SSN check for credit numbers and any debt issues for the company to make an approval decision. Auto dealers run a Social Security Number search to determine who qualifies for financing on a new vehicle. The dealer will look over credit numbers and history as well as income and other loans or credit cards with existing balances or past due payments. The same goes for home buyers and department store credit cards. SSN search is run for just about everything these days.

How does one perform a SSN check?

Search By SSN is for any employer to run a Social Security Number search on any individual issued a number to be provided back fast and reliable SSN search results.

This is a terrific resource for landlords to initiate a SSN check on tenant applications for arrest histories and credit discrepancies. Anyone renting apartments or owning rental homes would want to know if the applicant is actually capable of making payments and if they have a history of operating methamphetamine labs in past residences.

Employers run a SSN search for the same information as well as transcript information to verify educational degrees and certifications or a medical history report for jobs that require healthy, able-bodied employees to perform more strenuous job activities.

A Social Security Number search will verify whether the job applicant actually has the degree he/she claims and labor companies can see beforehand if an applicant has any past medical issues that could prevent the person from performing work duties or possible worker’s compensation claims.