Setting Up an Amazon Cloud Front CDN-Explained

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is nothing but a collection of servers located at different points in a network. The CDN is used to optimize the bandwidth and transfer the data more adroitly to other network users. Typically, the server with quick response time or nearest geographic proximity is selected to create CDN. see here

The CDN might be costly in early stages, but when your website develops and drives more traffic worldwide, you should go for CDN to decrease response time. Websites with millions of hits per day tend to own CDNs, but when it comes to the smaller businesses, it is much affordable to use CDN service provider.

The Necessity Of CDN

The static content that is hosted by a single server eventually slows down efficiency and response time of your website. Distributing this static content between several networks via CDN could help you a lot to maintain the efficiency and improve the response time of your website.

Most of the websites with high traffic make use of CDNs to assuage the quantity of stress on the original server. This can improve the bandwidth of web server, thereby cutting down the infrastructure and operating costs.

Commercial CDN Services

There are a number of CDN services that offer great reliability and efficiency. Some of the most famous CDN services are described below.

Akamai – Akamai is biggest CDN service all over the world. Akamai CDN distributes the content over several servers by mirroring technique. Whatever may be the data, including graphics, text, video or animation, or the multimedia files, the Akamai’s server always confer the great efficiency to your website. The servers are located all over the world and you can pick one depending on content and location. Yahoo!, Apple, J.C. Penney and Adobe Systems are the clients of Akamai CDN services.

Limelight Networks – Limelight is in the market since 2001 and is a main rival of Akamai. Limelight CDN works on the fiber optic networking, thereby confiscating the traffic and burden on public web. Limelight’s offers great CDN services and it is used by some of the best web portals like Facebook, Netflix, FoxNews, MySpace, MSNBC, Xbox and PlayStation Network.

Amazon CloudFront – CloudFront is offered by the popular Amazon WebServices. It mainly competes with Limelight Networks and Akamai. CloudFront servers are located all over US, Asia as well as Europe. CloudFront service is ‘pay as you go’ and you can try it before registering with the service.

Free CDN Solutions

Most of the companies offering free CDN solutions tend to work with P2P networking. Whilst P2P reduces the load of the server, if you use higher media files, but it couldn’t distribute the static content over several geographic locations and thus, it cannot offer the best quality as that of Akamai, Limelight or CloudFront of Amazon.