ServerMania Buffalo Data Center – Management Best Practices

Traditionally, the IT world used a component-based approach to data center management best practices. However, businesses issued it directives to control costs while still providing efficient management. This helped evolve an overall integrated cost-controlled data center management best practices approach based on experience.The use of an integrated best practices approach to data center management involves efficient management of resources while still minimizing the costs of all the different interrelated competing factors that require attention. This approach is also consistent with the overall goals of businesses, which is to maximize turnover under tightly-controlled costs without defaulting on server uptime.ServerMania Buffalo Data Center is an excellent resource for this.

Finding the best way out through this approach increases the cost-effective efficiency of all the subsystems in a data center after weighing all the different interrelated considerations.Based on the above considerations, the following best practices have been evolved for cost-effective data center management.Using the best practices in managing data centers involves locating data centers in geographically cold areas to cut air conditioning energy costs. It also involves locating them near rivers or lakes to cut down on server cooling costs.It involves use of standard 20 foot rack-based server container or blade-server modules using the grid-design and cloud computing approach. It involves use of Energy-Star rated green-power equipment having power factor of more than 0.9. It also involves the use of energy-efficient UPSs (uniform power supplies).It involves the use of energy-efficient cooling equipment to pump and circulate the water for cooling the server racks and environment. It prefers use of kvm (keyboard voice mouse) switches-over-IP in data centers for networking as they have been found to the most cost effective while being efficient too.