NYC Breeders – An Analysis

Good temperament is a vital consideration when it comes to dog breeding. According to expert breeders it is not a good idea to breed dogs with temperament issues because it can cause lead to the temperament degeneration of a whole breed. This is an important point to remember when you’re dealing with Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers, as well as many other breeds. puppies for sale has some nice tips on this.

Observe your dog’s behavior. If your dog is aggressive to humans, a fear-biter, or excitable, it will not be a good candidate for a breeding program. Shy and submissive dogs are also not suitable for breeding. Choose dogs that are happy, confident, and obedient. When you decide to breed a dog you need to meet the temperament requirements for that breed.

So how do you determine the temperament of your dog? Every breed has its own temperament test; for example, a Doberman should undertake the Doberman WAC test. There is also a general temperament test open to all breeds; the Canine Good Citizen test by AKC. Dog clubs also offer these tests.

Some dog breeds are issued with ‘obedience titles’. Just because your dog has this title it doesn’t necessarily mean your dog has a good temperament.

As well as issues of temperament, you also need to consider compatibility. In order to breed a compatible stud and bitch you will need to check their pedigrees. By carefully selecting their strengths any weaknesses can be offset. If you have a bitch try to find a suitable stud for her, and vice versa if you have a stud. This stage requires a lot of careful research; and if you can’t do it alone you should look for expert advice.

Even if the two dogs look good physically it doesn’t necessarily follow that they must be compatible. You need to look into the history of both dogs. Do they display the same qualities? Do they have any disqualifying faults? Do they overbite? These are just a few of the many questions you need to ask before you start breeding dogs.

You know your dog better than anyone else; and you should know if it’s an excellent example of its breed. If you are aware of any disqualifying faults in your dog you should not be allowing it to breed. If on the other hand your dog has a few minor faults these can be counteracted by finding a good partner. However, the situation is different if you have a dog that is simply mediocre. Always check the standards required in each breed. If in doubt ask an expert to evaluate your dog properly.

There is much more to breeding than just checking the temperament and compatibility of dogs. There are plenty of other things to consider too.

When you breed dogs you need a facility which is safe and secure. If you’re going to breed dogs in your own home you will need to designate a particular room. You will also need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. By providing excellent facilities, and keeping in regular contact with your vet, you will soon be producing beautiful pups. Always remember to check the temperament and compatibility of your dogs.