NStyle Beauty Lounge – A Closer Look

Lash extensions are one of the top phenomena these days as they deliver results that are instantaneous and longer lasting. The extensions are short, synthetic eyelash loops that are angled to suit your eyelashes, then attached to your natural lashes independently. For a full set of extensions, the process may take up to 2 hours, as they are attached, using a specific glue, one extension to one fringe. These are very close to hair extensions and do need a touch-up every 4 to 6 weeks since they are semi-permanent. Have a look at NStyle Beauty Lounge for more info on this.

This is an expensive choice to obtain longer and thicker lashes, but just because they look natural, no one can claim they are not the true eyelashes. Lash extensions normally cost between $300 and $500, though some celebrities spend more than $5,000.

The extensions remove the need for Mascara and eyelash curlers. Talk about all the time and money you’ll be saving! You won’t even feel a difference when applied correctly over your natural lashes! Although most people go for black, they do come in a variety of colours.

There are many options for your lash extensions to extend their life span. Do not over-rub your eyes or add harsh chemicals to wash your eye makeup, avoid excessive steam or fire. Once the normal eyelash comes out, it sheds with the length.

Almost anyone who has experienced them believes that lash extensions are worth every single, exorbitant penny you’re paying for. Not only do you no longer need an eyelash curler or lipstick but you can also remove the need for eyeliner if your extensions are applied properly. Once you have filled up the “normal holes” with lash extensions you won’t believe how good you feel!