Merritt Supply -Smart Shopping for Boat Parts

A simple search for the term “boat parts” will reveal many competitors right away. The shopping sites such as Google Shopping or other advertising sites are sometimes the best tool for a good competitive comparison to get the price possible.

In the marine industry brand recognition is fairly limited as the parts manufacturers are limited to only a few categories. Parts can be purchased in either OEM (original equipment manufacturer) versions or aftermarket brands depending on the particular items. While the OEM manufacturers are considered to be a category of their own there are limited aftermarket supply lines for boat parts in general. The largest supplier, Sierra Marine, is well known in the industry for maintaining a vast supply across a wide range of parts for the boating industry. Boat parts such as carburetor kits, water pumps, ignition components, and even some major mechanical parts can be found in their catalog. Ignition components such as switch boxes, stators, regulators, and even spark plug wires are also available however; CDI Electronics is recognized as the leader in the industry for these items. CDI parts are sometimes higher, but in this case the customer really does get what he or she pays for.internet

One of the final things to consider when purchasing boat parts is delivery. Yes this is quite the issue when shopping for boat parts at any time. The problem is stock is usually limited as the vast majority of supplies are controlled through dealerships and marinas. The next hurdle is that most of those have onsite repair facilities so retailing boat parts is a small part of the business demanding less attention. As a consumer this leaves very few options. As stated earlier a simple search for “Boat Parts” over the internet will reveal many options along with shopping sites. This is sometimes the best option as long as the source is trustworthy for the delivery as promised. Some of the advertised products have a long lead time and it always pays to ask for a stock check before your purchase. Keep in mind, even if waiting for standard shipping time, purchasing boat parts over the internet is a good alternative to save money so sometimes a little patience will pay off. Purchasing any boat parts locally at a dealership or marina will usually result in paying full list price and still stock quantities can be limited.