FL Chams – Some Insights

Chameleons are fun and loving reptiles and they are among the most ideal types of exotic pets. However, since they are not like cats and dogs that easily adapt with the human environment, chameleons need a certain space in which they get to enjoy their natural habitat. Of course, you can’t just give them that easily, especially when you are living in an urban settlement, thus you would have to use certain supplies which help in keeping up with your chameleon’s needs in order to live long, healthy and happily. Have a look at fL chams for more info on this.

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Below are some of the common chameleon supplies which you will use once you start owning and taking care of a chameleon:

  1. Vitamin supplements. Chameleons don’t just need food in order to have a good health. They also need multivitamin supplements which help keep their bones strong, muscles lean and flexible, skin nourished, and color vibrant. These come in the form of special flakes, sprays and dusts and can be purchased in the pet store.
  2. Light fixtures. Unlike other animals which remain to live the same way despite being exposed to different lights and shades, chameleons are more sensitive and rather choose to have dim lights instead. Thus, it is important that you add certain fixtures such as dome lamps, clamp lamps and fluorescent hoods to maintain such lighting and warmth inside their cage.
  3. Heaters. Heat emitters and thermostats are also important for chameleons. This equipment keeps the chameleon’s home warm and humid enough to act as its natural habitat. An enclosure that’s too cold and dry will heavily affect the chameleon’s overall well being, and may even cause certain ailments and illnesses as time goes by.