Call A 24 Hour Plumber

Broken pipes and a flooding toilet can happen anytime. These emergencies cannot wait till the next day to get fixed. Emergency plumbing issues need to be addressed right away. What if your plumber is away? The solution is to call someone who is available. The problem is not all plumbers are willing to work overnight. There are a few plumbing companies that provide 24/7 services. The reason is plain and obvious. Plumbers do have families that they need to go home to at night. Have a look at 24 hour Plumber for more info on this.

So, what if you wake up at night and discovered your bathroom soaking wet and flooding? What can you do while help isn’t at hand?

  1. Switch off the water. This is common sense. You cannot leave the water gushing and flooding your house! To prevent more water from getting wasted, shut off the water supply. That way you prevent water damage to your floor and furniture while you wait for the plumbing services. Hopefully, someone arrives to rescue your pipelines by the morning. You should know where the water meter is, so you can shut it off right away before your entire house becomes a soaking mess.

  1. How serious is it? Many plumbing concerns can wait till the next day by not doing things that will worsen the problem. If it is an overflowing toilet, don’t flush the toilet. If it is a leaking tap, don’t turn that tap. So, if you don’t need to use that faulty water line, wait until the morning before calling the plumbers. Note that the 24-hour plumber may charge an excessive rate. Plumbing rates during Sundays and holidays are expected to be high.

  1. Inspect if the problem is your responsibility. Water companies are generally responsible for mainline breaks. On the other hand, sewerage companies should deal with sewer leakages. If the mainline breaks and you lost water supply, notify the water company right away. It is their duty to fix such problems and restore water connection to consumers. Do not call a private plumbing firm and pay for their services.

  1. Take note of the problem. If the problem cannot wait till the next morning, there is no other choice but to call the 24-hour plumber. Take note of the problems found and report these problems. That should save time during the phone call. Reliable plumbers can determine right away what the problem most possibly is. When phoning a plumber, ask what the problem could be and how he could fix it. Then ask about his service rates.

As a further tip for naïve homeowners, see if asking questions incurs charges. Continue if inquiries are free. Also, consider calling several plumbers and comparing their service costs. Different plumbers will give different rates for the same service, but the price differences should be minimal. The extent of the problem affects the cost of plumbing services more. The more complicated the plumbing problem is, the higher the cost of repair. Moreover, expect that the cost of having your pipes repaired at night is higher than in the day. You can check online for plumbers that provide 24-hour service.