An Insight On Address Change After Marriage

After the wedding you will be happily married and if you are like most women you’ll likely have a new last name. After all of the excitement of the wedding dies down you could face many obstacles if you delay applying for a name change after marriage. To avoid problems it’s important to take the time and make a name change sooner rather than later. There are a number of places that you need to contact. Below is a checklist to get you started.address change after marriage

How to Change Your Name After Marriage?

Get a copy of your marriage license from the local office where you originally applied. In most cases you will need a notarized copy to change your name. Copies are not likely to be accepted. Since your Social Security information is needed in so many areas apply for a social security name change first. After that have the name on your drivers license updated. You may want to call all agencies in advance to ask what necessary paperwork or proof will be needed. Better to make a call than show up and find out you’re missing one critical bit of information.

Regardless, when attempting to make updates with your new name always bring a copy of your marriage license, current drivers license and a piece of mail with your current address on it. In many cases this will be all you need. After updating your Social Security Card and Drivers License don’t forget all the accounts where you pay bills. Here are some other areas where you may need to contact:

– Electric

– Gas

– Water

– Phone Bill (Cell and Land Line)

– Credit Card Accounts

– Change of Address with Post Office

– Place of Employment

– Schools

– Magazine Subscriptions

– Newspaper Deliveries

– Insurance Companies

– Mortgage Company

– Registrar of Voters

– Passport

As soon as you can make your name change after marriage and take care of all identification issues you should. You’ll avoid a lot of confusion so don’t delay. Make changing your name after marriage a priority…after the honeymoon, of course!